Ali Mayar

They Saved my Nail Spa

I am not used to reviewing companies, but when excellent work is done, credit has to be given. I was going through huge losses at my nail spa in New York. I was literally operating under losses. My whole family depended on this business for survival. I was really going through a hard time in my life watching the only valuable possession go down. My bank really let me down saying I had to wait for six months for them to investigate on my credibility for them to fund me. (Bad choices of banks).I walked from bank to bank looking for help to no avail. I started thinking of looking for someone to buy my nail spa business though it really meant a lot to me .One Saturday I went to visit my barber. As he was shaving me, I explained to him what I was going through. He advised me to visit Platinum Rapid Funding Group and see if they could help me revive my business before making a decision to sell it.

I decided to give them a try. I walked into their offices on Monday morning and explained my situation. They were able to provide me with the money I needed to resume my business in a very short time. Talk of being life savers! In three days I received the money. They were very encouraging and good at keeping communication. I would visit their offices on many occasions and I noticed that they had super friendly staff who were full of positive energy. I remember how they would occasionally call to find out how my business is doing. I am totally thankful to them. I felt like they were God sent. The employees were one of a kind. They are under the leadership of a very successful CEO Ali Mayar whom I later came to learn was a great motivation to them. These people are friends to any falling business. They are pillars of strength. They held me just when I was crumbling down to pieces and they did not neglect me in any way.

My business is now back on its feet and doing really well. I am thinking of expanding to another town. I would recommend anyone who needs prompt funding to visit them. They never disappoint their clients. They are just what you need when you need quick financial assistance to assist your businesses.Very prompt and great customer care.

© 2016 Ali Mayar
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